Workman Song is an Unrelenting Local Force
    • TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2015

    • Posted by: Patrick Pilch

    I really admire lead vocalist and guitarist of Workman Song, Sean McMahon. Quite frankly, he doesnt really give a shit, and I say that in the best way possible. McMahon doesnt care what anyone else thinks about him. He knows what he wants, and when he wants it, even if it means starting a new life in a peculiar and alien city, or being fired from a job at a Salvation Army for falling in love. As the frontman simply puts it, who cares?

    After departing from his church in Western Massachusetts, the bandleader set out for Brooklyn where he would begin his musical pursuit as an avid singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Originally part of Brooklyn-based folk-rock duo, Bird Courage, McMahon and the Workman Song posse have been playing at local spots for the past few years, performing sets chock full of Neil Young, Father John Misty, and John Lennon covers intermingled with their own original material. Tracks like "When People Are Better Than You" sounds of a psychedelia-infused Kurt Vile and Bob Dylan love-child with a grittier sensibility. Lyrically evoking existential, religious, and personal themes, including love songs he's gifted to his girlfriend, McMahon's lyrics are complimented by Workman Song's intimate performances, supplying an atmosphere reflecting the groups folky-psychedelic consistency.

    Tomorrow night, Brooklyn Bowl attendees will be graced by a exciting live performance from Workman Song opening for The Ghost of the Saber Tooth Tiger and The Beatles next of kin, Sean Lennon. As McMahon has cited the Beatles as the band he grew up on, as well as being especially fond of John Lennon's solo material, this should make for an extra special personal experience for Workman Song. Be sure to grab tickets for the show here, and check out Workman Songs latest, "Crazy Girl" (penned for McMahon's girlfriend) below:

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