Slow Club Complete Surrender
    • MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014

    • Posted by: Sarah Kasarsky

    Slow Club is nearly unrecognizable as the quirky, singer/songwriter duo they were five years ago on their debut album, Yeah So. The English pair exhibit a newfound sophistication on their latest album Complete Surrender, as it boasts a unique musical sweet spot between current and retro. Sleek, grandiose horn arrangements engender the album with a catchy Motown feel, while Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor's modern lyrics of love and longing make it easy for anyone to find profound meaning within the tracks.

    The 11-track album notably covers an entire musical spectrum, featuring songs that are delicately pulled back, as well as powerful, bear-all ballads. As Taylor belts the soulful, horn-driven tracks "Suffering You, Suffering Me" and "The Queens Nose" she showcases her truly impressive range and remarkable vocal capabilities. Yet on "Number One," the duo produces a piece that is raw and touching. Their quiet, subtle harmonies prove that sometimes, less can certainly be more. Whether on an extreme end of this spectrum, or a track that falls in the middle, such as the driving alternative anthem "Wanderer Wandering," the songs on Complete Surrender show us that Slow Club has undoubtedly raised their game. Complete Surrender not only confirms their maturity as a band, but that they are sleeker, bolder, and more driven than ever before.

    Complete Surrender is due out July 15th on Wichita Records. Get your copy here. Watch the title track's music video below:

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