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    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 2010

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    Grandchildren, hailing from Philadelphia, bring some all-new ideas and innovations to the slightly psychedelic, rhythmic-yet-ethereal sound popularized by the likes of Yeasayer, Neon Indian, or Local Natives.

    The band began with three housemates, who had met at Maryland Institute College of Art before living in together in Philly, then grew to include the other musicians in the house, whose role as a major DIY music spot known as Danger Danger provided constant inspiration and energy. What stands out most in their recordings is relentless clicked rhythms and the unorthodox guitar parts, which channel mid-century jazz recordings. They often lean more towards the acoustic edge than bands they're compared to, with percussion you might recognize from your childhood toybox, then sometimes throw in the heavy electric guitar to shake things up. Check out "Cold War" below. -selden paterson

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    MP3: "Cold War"
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