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    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 2010

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    Powers of man and machine meet on Baths' debut Cerulean. Released on Anticon Records, it's a piece of music that mixes luscious beats and addictive samples with raw instrumentation and naked vocals, pleasing both the digital folks and the folky folks. Will Wisenfeld, a Los Angeles-based songwriter, is the wunderkind behind the exquisite fusion found on tracks like the warm and swirling "Maximalist" or the jagged and keyboarded "You're My Excuse to Travel." He's the kind of metaphysical and insightful artist whose music is led by his inner voice (and not vice versa) so much so that he was inspired to use just about every object that was in sight during the recording process at his apartment: pencils, scissors, blankets, keys, you name it. We may call him resourceful, but he's just keeping it real. Read on to find out more about Baths and his new album Cerulean...

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    MP3: "Maximalist"
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