the goldfish and the whale: love in july
    • TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2009

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    Sally Shapiro, the queen of cold, heartbreaking Swedish electro disco romance has always been lovable in that cooler than you are, and more sad than you are too sort of way. Her new video for her new song Love in July might sound optimistic, but it wouldn't be Sally without the touches of the broken heart and false hope. Forget about Sally for a moment, though, for this video features the romance of a lighthouse goldfish and an iceberg trapped whale. It is also incredibly, painfully adorable, with big eyed creatures in this hazy, dreamy world you're prone to want to scoop out and take home. Their love story, with "Love in July" as a soundtrack is a desperate, urgent one, a longing and conviction that leads to an adventure for the goldfish in distant, icy realms. Have we mentioned how absurdly cute it all is? Watch and prepare to cry with the overwhelming adoration you'll feel for both the ice disco princess and the love affair of the creatures of the sea. - Laura Yan

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