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    • TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2009

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    We have high hopes for the release of The Idle Hands' debut album, The Hearts We Broke on the Way to the Show. First of all, the band are comprised of Irish ex-pats and Midwest natives. Secondly, they have both female and male members. We can't complain about a little diversity. Most importantly, however, is the fact that they collaborated with producer Mark Needham, who has done work with the both Killers and Bloc Party. Sounds like a recipe for success to us.

    For his part, main man, Ciaran, wrote 11 songs off of the 12 track album. Not surprisingly, the narratives of each number are just as diverse as the members of The Idle Hands. The album is comprised of tales of lust, regret, yearning and partying.

    Though The Hearts We Broke on the Way to the Show won't be until September 8th, 2009 on the Pretty Kids Collective, the band's single, "Loaded", is already playing non-stop on local radio and has entered heavy rotation on several NPR stations. We would put our hearts on the line for The Idle Hands any day. - Lonnie Nemiroff

    Upcoming Shows

    7/25 Minneapolis Minnesota @ Barbette: Bastille Day Celebration
    8/12 St. Paul Minnespta @ Mears Park: Concrete and Grass Festival

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