IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2018

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Happy songs, sad songs, summer anthems, throwback jams, and songs about being naked. Our weekly 'In Our Ears' playlist has everything you need.

    Mitski - "Nobody"
    I got to borrow my boyfriend's car this past week and he has Sirius XM! What a freaking blessing! Anyway, they played "Nobody" by Mitski about five times on my commute to work one morning. The more it played, the more it grew on me. By then end of the car ride I was screaming "Nobody Nooooobody Noooobody" at the top of my lungs. God bless Mitski, Sirius XM, and tinted windows.

    Otha - "One Of The Girls"
    I had never heard of Otha before hearing "One Of The Girls" on the radio. This intoxicating electronic dance hit makes me want to hit the club every time I play it.

    Future - "WIFI LIT"
    Well I was in a bit of a running rut this week. Zero motivation to run. But then I realized I hadn't listened to the new Future album, so I listened on my run, and ended up running more miles than I ever have before. And I will not reveal that number because it is low. Future is always my go-to workout music, and BEASTMODE 2 is officially workout approved.

    Childish Gambino - "Feels Like Summer"
    The intro of this song reminds me of his song "Sober"...which reminds me of my summers in high school, when I would just hangout by the lake and didn't have to think about adulting. Strong nostalgia vibes. But feeling very blessed that Gambino gifted us this soulful Summer Pack.

    Collections Of Colonies Of Bees – "HAWAII"
    Title track from their newest album. Perfectly chill, melodic song to start your morning.

    Tides Of Man – "Mountain House"
    After their singer left the band in 2010, Tides of Man decided to just roll with it and release instrumental albums. Seems like the right decision. New album Every Nothing is releasing August 3rd.

    ARIZONA – "Freaking Out"
    We have waiting far too long for new music from these guys. We know they have been super busy on tour with Panic! at the Disco, but still. This is perfect roll down the windows music for the hot days ahead.

    Will Smith / DJ Jazzy Jeff – "Summertime"
    Will Smith won the internet and summer yesterday on Instagram with his dancing on the top of a Budapest Bridge. Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff also owned summer '91 with this masterful distillation of the feelings of summer.

    Illenium, Said the Sky, 1788-L, Kerli - "Sound of Where'd U Go"
    This major colab is created by a bunch of artists with very different styles. It could have turned into a chaotic mess, but instead, the artists balance themselves out perfectly. The final product is so seamless it could have come from one person, yet so diverse that none of the artists could have pulled it off on their own.

    Barbatuques – "Kererê" (CloZee remix)
    CloZee is incredible. She took a song originally performed by a group of body percussionists and turned it into a drifting, bass-y, electronic track that is not only listenable but is entirely beautiful.


    WENS – "Take"
    WENS is touring with one of my all-time favorite Baeble bands, Now Now, and she rocked it last night at Baby's All Right. I'm wearing her official hoodie right a dad. "Take" is a special song. A lonely, confident guitar riff carries the whole piece. Her voice pairs with it beautifully. And when the production kicks in, it feels kind of like when you close your eyes and take that first big bite of pizza at 2:30AM. You know what I'm talking about. You feel me.

    Dagny – "Wearing Nothing"
    Need a song about being naked? Well, you're in luck. This is the BEST song about being naked. I'm literally naked right now and no one's even noticed. Just kidding guys I'm wearing the WENS hoodie. Listen to this song all weekend.

    Manchester Orchestra – "The Alien"
    I knew the band's latest album A Black Mile To The Surface was brilliant when it was released, but I didn't expect it to also be a grower. It just gets better with each passing playing. "The Alien" is sad. It's so, so sad, hinting at a (successful?) suicide attempt. But Andy Hull's swell of harmonious vocals is as beautiful in the ears as as his words are devastating upon the heart.

    Gang of Youths – "The Heart Is a Muscle"
    Yes, I'm still listening to the best albums from last year! But, much like Manchester Orchestra's album, Gang of Youth's Go Farther In Lightness is as fresh today as the day I discovered it. This Aussie outfit reminisces of so much of what I love all at once: The National, The Boss, the Arcade Fire's most anthemic moments, and so much more I can't put my finger on. Why even try? "The Heart Is a Muscle" is one of many, many excellent tracks on this breakthrough album (there are 16, the album is a whopping 77 mins long).

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