Vance Joy Has Returned With New Song and Video 'Lay It On Me'
    • THURSDAY, JULY 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Kelly Kenlon

    Vance Joy just came out with a new song and video "Lay It On Me," after not releasing anything since his 2014 album Dream Your Life Away. The song is guitar-heavy and preaches about finding love. The repeating lines of "love's always finding me out, who am I kidding?" lets us in on how he feels as though he can't help falling in love. And the video that was released with the song seems to match up with that theme perfectly.

    In the video, women follow him around as though he can't escape, yet they always disappear. It begins with him sitting on a bed in an orange colored space, feeling a bit surreal. With every encounter Vance Joy has with a different woman, the situation seems to go awry, and then they are gone. This continues like a cycle throughout the video until they all show up at the very end under different spotlights.

    This song brings us back to the very successful start that Vance Joy had with his first and only other album Dream Your Life Away. Hopefully another project may be the works for him but as for right now we just have this single and the video to go along with it.

    Also check out our session with Vance Joy:

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