NOW PLAYING: A Baeble NEXT Session with You Me At Six
    • THURSDAY, JULY 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Ally Farrell

    It seems like everyday it becomes harder to find any traces of the pop-punk and "emo" culture that once seemed so prevalent. Unless you were to stumble into a Hot Topic or maybe even a date on Warped Tour, you won't see any My Chemical Romance t-shirts, arms stacked full of jelly bracelets, or "Rawrr means I love you in Dinosaur XDD" written all over every available surface. Those kids have grown up; the Manic Panic hair dye faded and is now collecting dust on a shelf at the back of linen closets in childhood homes, the black and pink Myspace pages have been deleted or abandoned. And the bands that once dominated that Warped Tour circuit are shedding the pop-punk sound that got them booked there in the first place.

    We caught up with English pop-punk turned alt-rock band You Me at Six to talk all about growing up, and finding their sound while finding themselves as adults. Formed in Surrey in 2004, You Me At Six released their debut album, Take Off Your Colours, in 2008. From there, the band toured with all the pop-punk heavyweights including Fall Out Boy and All Time Low, and made quite a name for themselves with devoted fans (affectionately called "Sixers") all over the world.

    Vocalist/lyricist Josh Franceschi and lead guitarist Max Heyler told us all about their songwriting process (or lack there of), their newest album Night People, and their strive for a sound with "more edge and groove." For them, this album is the first one that really is entirely You Me At Six, and they disclose all the nitty gritty that went into finding their sound and taking risks to write music that was representative of them as a band, and not caring if people prefer the older sound, because this is who they are now. The boys also treated us with some stripped down versions of their songs "Take On The World" and "Night People."

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