BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Nobody In The World' by Ashworth
    • THURSDAY, JULY 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: Chris DeMairo]

    Today we're premiering the new single "Nobody In The World" by DJ/producer Ashworth. Using his skills as a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, the breakout artist produced the track himself and contributed vocals as well. He combines tropical influences with pure pop sensibilities, making a nearly perfect song for the summer (pretty sure this one will be stuck in my head forever). It's no wonder Ashworth caught the ear of massive producer Benny Blanco, who now mentors him, because he's clearly on his way to joining the big leagues in the very near future.

    "This song was inspired by the seven years I spent living in New York City on my own - the wild nights, the spectacular people you would meet, and the secret rooftops you would end up on as the sun was rising," Ashworth told Baeble. "It wasn't until I escaped it that I could really look back and encapsulate it in a song. In fact, the song came to fruition in a Nashville basement studio of a former mansion that Taylor Swift's father owned (which now houses Universal Music Publishing). Besides capturing the sentiment lyrically, it captures all the sonic elements of my musical journey - electronic production, my voice, and both acoustic and electric guitars. It's a blend of the synthetic and organic that also made the city I lived in so unique."

    There aren't any details of an upcoming album just yet, but we'll continue adding streams to this track as we eagerly wait.

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