'Splendidly' is Harbour's Sweet Sound of Yesteryear
    • MONDAY, JULY 13, 2015

    • Posted by: Patrick Pilch

    I've never really known anything besides youth since I'm only 21 [Ed. Note: You poor, innocent child. Cherish these days while you can.]. But that doesn't mean I cant feel nostalgic and miss simpler times. Isn't that what youth is retrospectively for?

    As individuals, certain music connects us to our youth, but it takes a certain musical quality for a song to contain the essence of youth, regardless of a listeners familiarity with a song. That's exactly what pop rock quartet Harbour encapsulates within the walls of their tracks. They refine a specific sound that is bursting with vibrancy and spirit, touching on themes of love and the natural high that occurs while being in love, which make their tunes ideal for summer listening.

    Today we're happy to be premiering "Splendidly," the latest from the Cincinnati foursome in anticipation of their upcoming sophomore EP, With Love. Combining the commanding pulse of We Were Promised Jet Packs and the melodic pop consistency of Bombay Bicycle Club and Hippo Campus, Harbour craft a toe-tapping pop rock number that sonically illuminate the youth of its members.

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