warped tour coverage: an interview with a rocket to the moon
    • TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2010

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    Like I did with Bamboozle, I'm presenting you with a series of interviews with bands on this year's Vans Warped Tour. First up is A Rocket to the Moon.

    Affectionately abbreviated ARTTM, the band began 4 years ago in lead singer and guitarist Nick Santino. After getting signed to Fueled by Ramen, they released their debut album On Your Side this past October. Nick was kind enough to answer some of my questions, albeit while he was at Target.

    What genre of music do you consider your work to be?
    I'd say right now we're kind of just a pop rock kind of sound with here and there in some songs we kind of have a country twang I guess you could say

    I was going to say, your sound has an interesting mix - there's hints of country and electronic in it.
    What influences that unique sound?
    Well, we're big country fans so we try to like, express that a little bit with our music. And the electronic stuff, we still have to cater to like the old Rocket to the Moon fans because I started Rocket by myself a couple years ago with an electronic kind of sound. So we didn't want to alienate them right away, so we just kind of kept some songs like Life of the Party with an electronic kind of feel. And then we had fun on the other songs with the kind of style that we were kind of trying to be like, like you know the pop rock with the country kind of flavor.

    Yeah, your sound has changed from [their first EP] Greetings From... how do you feel about your sound changing? How have the fans reacted to the change?
    We've gotten a lot of positive comments on it, whatever. There hasn't really been that many people. We still get once in a while, Oh, play this song, this song. You know, old songs, whatever, and I'm like, Yeah we'll bust them out once in a while. But a lot of people really haven't been too upset with the sound change.

    So you released On Your Side in October. What has the reception to the album been like? Has it been positive?
    Yeah, no it's been really positive. I mean, it's our first full length you know. So I think a lot of people kind of accepted it with open arms.

    What was your writing process with this album? How do you think this process shows through the music?
    We wrote the songs just in a couple weeks, just acoustic, Justin [Richards, guitar] and I. And then we got together full band and put them together that way. And I don't know, they came together really nicely. We had a good time doing them

    What's your favorite song of the new record?
    I think "Baby Blue Eyes".

    Any particular reason?
    I don't know, it was like the first song we wrote off the record and I think it's just...you know it's my favorite kind of style of the record on the songs.

    So you're playing stripped down sets on warped tour only for a few fans..what made you decide to do that?
    We're kind of doing like radio stuff right now, you know, and it was kind of cool to know we could just go keep doing radio stuff by ourself playing different states or we could kind of team up with the Warped Tour and do them both at the same time. So it's kind of cool to you know go out on something like Warped Tour but still do the radio thing.

    What's next for you?
    Just keep touring. You know, we're writing and whatever, but we don't really have plans to do a record just yet for a little while. So probably a lot of touring throughout the year, hopefully going over to Europe in the middle of the year and you know, just being a band and having fun with it really.

    Catch A Rocket to the Moon on Warped Tour right now. On Your Side is now available from Fueled By Ramen. -hanna kasper

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