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    • TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2010

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    Mind-blowing opinions aside, Yeasayer blatantly disagree with their weird into-the-woods press photos by wearing normal clothes at this concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. This strikes me as an interesting move for a band that (many claim) dive deeper in the drug-addled abyss with the space-psych of Odd Blood, their sophomore effort that provided most of the evening's track list. Chris Keating, dressed in a blazer, moves like a camera shy Mick Jagger, and looks like a pre-Captain Crunch Chris Martin. The bassist still sports a tank top, but that's beside the point. All outside comparisons aside, the sound is bigger, the songs hit harder, and the energy blows away anything we've seen them do before. And they are known for their live set. Now you can experience it as well.

    The lighting is dubbed "alien game show" by a technician, an aesthetic that matches well with the album's sound. The band rips through their set, mostly new jams, as well as some definitive favorites off All Hour Cymbals like "2080" and "Sunrise", both with updated synth-y tones, and both greater-than-or-equal-to any previous performance. But tracks like "O.N.E." and "Madder Red" win the night. It is clear almost everyone in attendance has spun the record several million times before showing up, and know every word, and every beat drop. It is next to impossible to get a New York crowd to move. Yeasayer have people pole dancing the stage.

    After all, as Chris Keating said repeatedly, New York is their favorite place to play, and Music Hall is their favorite space. It is no wonder the show sold out; they basically took out their laser canons and fired awesome into the crowd. And we loved it.

    That is why we're glad we got to capture it all. Well, mostly we're just glad we got to dance. Now you can join us.

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    Yeasayer Play The Music Hall of Williamsburg

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