A Timeline of J-Lo's Most Iconic Looks
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 2017

    • Posted by: Olivia Lewis

    From her Jenny From The Block era to her newest video, Jennifer Lopez has been and continues to be a fashion icon. J-Lo has pulled off so many amazing, over-the-top looks, sometimes all within one video or one night, that it was hard for me to choose favorites. After a lot of careful deliberation and some videos watched at 1.5x speed, I've whittled my list down to these 10 iconic looks.

    1. "Waiting for Tonight" Music Video

    The video for "Waiting for Tonight," ranked at number 30 on Fuse's "100 Sexiest Music Videos of All Time," shows Lopez making her way through the jungle for a Y2K dance party. My favorite look in the video though doesn't have much to do with the jungle or the dance party; my favorite part is when J-Lo rocks those body jewels. It is kind of a weird moment - for a second, you're not sure where her hair went (it's just pulled back) and she kind of looks like an alien… but, like, a sparkly alien. Honestly, though, all I want in life is to look like that all the time. I just want to be bedazzled J-Lo.

    2. 2000 Grammy Awards

    J-Lo's "Waiting for Tonight" was nominated for a Grammy in 2000 in the "Best Dance Recording" category. Although she didn't win the Grammy, she did get a lot of attention that night - for her dress. Her Versace dress turned a lot of heads, with a V so deep that it took the term "plunging neckline" to a whole new level, and a bottom half that was essentially briefs and a sheer wrapped skirt. This look has certainly been one of her most iconic to date, and I love how willing she was to push the boundaries and maybe shock some people.

    3. "I'm Real (Remix) ft. Ja Rule" Music Video

    The pink velour sweatsuit from this video is so, so early 2000's, and I love it. In fact, the whole video is very early 2000's - case in point, Ja Rule. It's still a great look though. That pink is big right now, and I could definitely see an artsy girl on Instagram post-ironically wearing this outfit. It's also very fitting for her Jenny From The Block era - as she says in the song, "I'm real."

    4. "Jenny from the Block" Music Video

    Speaking of Jenny from the Block, my favorite look from the video isn't actually the one that depicts Jenny still being from the block - it's this one where she's glammed up, apparently for a photoshoot, in the white jacket and little else. The hoops, the makeup, the slicked-back hair, it's all so good! Another J-Lo look that I'd love to rock - maybe with more clothes though, if I'm going out.

    5. "I'm Into You" Music Video

    This look is on my list specifically because of the hair. Every time I see Jennifer Lopez letting out her natural curls, I rejoice. I also have curly hair and love to see those occasions when stars embrace their natural curls, but aside from the fact that I can relate, I just love the look itself. Regardless of what she's wearing, the big hair brings so much drama to any look.

    6. "Live It Up ft. Pitbull" Music Video

    If you actually watch the video, you'll see J-Lo's "stylists" reacting with awe when they see her in her feathery get-up. You'll also see a pretty accurate representation of my reaction to all of these great looks. I love the dark, dramatic bird-vibes that this look gives. I always think that feathers are a great addition to any outfit, and this just takes it to the next level.

    7. "Live It Up" Video… Again

    I know, I know, two looks from the same video, but I just couldn't choose! I don't think many people can pull off yellow nail polish, let alone yellow lipstick, but J-Lo does it flawlessly. The look is simple, but again, so good.

    8. Hosting the 2015 AMAs

    jlo amas

    One of my favorite parts of watching the 2015 AMAs was getting to see what Jennifer Lopez would be wearing next. She wore a total of 10 different outfits to host the award show, 11 if you count the Versace bathrobe she wore while backstage. I'm most impressed, though, by Lopez and whoever had to help her change into all those different dresses - some of those look pretty complicated to get on and off.

    9. 2017 Grammy Awards

    jlo grammys

    J-Lo's dress from this year's Grammy Awards, although nowhere near as scandalous as the infamous Versace dress of the 2000 Grammy's, is another one of my personal favorite looks. Everything about the dress, from the color to the slit to the bold neck piece, comes together to form a perfectly coherent and beautiful dress. J-Lo, as always, makes the look.

    10. "Ni Tù Ni Yo ft. Gente de Zona" Music Video

    The video for J-Lo's "Ni Tù Ni Yo," her latest, features a cameo from her ex-husband and current business partner Marc Anthony, premiered today. Unfortunately, I couldn't add all of the looks from this one video the list, but they really are all great. The best one, though, is this flowing yellow dress. Again, yellow is definitely a great color on J-Lo. The yellow dress is kind of reminiscent of Beyonce's in the video for "Hold Up," but - dare I say it - I think I like J-Lo's better.

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