THE CLASSICS: 10 Blink 182 Songs We Can't Live Without
    • TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2016

    • Posted by: Allison Baritz

    Blink 182, one of my all-time favorite bands, has been around for, well, as long as I've been able to draw breath. They just released their new album, California. I vividly remember seeing them live when I was in ninth grade. It was the first concert that my mom allowed me go to without parental supervision, fuck ya. My friends and I had the time of our lives singing all the lyrics to every song while Travis Barker and his drum kit literally levitated over the stage.

    The group has so many classic hits under their belt that diehard Blink fans would love the new album even if it sucked. Luckily, California is another solid addition to their discography and a totally consistent representation of their unmistakable sound. Too young? Don't give a shit? Asking yourself, "What is Blink's 'sound?" Well, the songs below are some of the group's finest and most well-known tracks. Listen, love, repeat.


    This is one of the groups most popular songs, off what is arguably their best album, Enema Of The State. The music video for this song is the epitome of a class 2000s rock ballad.


    This song is off of their 2001 album Take Off Your Pants And Jacket. The song, composed by the band's guitarist, Tom DeLonge, recalls his first day with his then girlfriend and current spouse. The song peaked at number six on Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.


    Also off of Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, this track was primarily written by the band's bassist and vocalist, Mark Hoppus, about a girl who attended one of the band's earliest shows, who years late, he still couldn't get off his mind.

    4. ADAM'S SONG

    This song is easily the deepest, most meaningful song that the band has recorded. Inspired by a friend of Mark Hoppus who committed suicide while the band was on the road, the Enema Of The State track poignantly addresses the realities of depression and self-harm. The narrative of the song is told from the perspective of "Adam" and the lyrical content is composed to mic that of a suicide note. After striking an emotional chord with audiences, the song quickly became an essential staple of the band's catalog.


    This song is from the band's fifth self-titled studio album Blink-182. The lyrics are completely sexual and feature a lot of cow bell. I always loved that this song ended in acapella.

    6. I MISS YOU

    "I Miss You" is off of the 2003 self-titled album Blink-182. This song is probably one of the bands most well known and has a different, more melancholic sound from their earlier material. The group wrote this song in a similar fashion to how they wrote "Feeling This" and would actually split up into different rooms. They would discuss what they wanted the song to be about and then went their own ways to create the lyrics.


    This is hands down, my favorite Blink song. I love this song so much and have it on my workout playlist because it just puts me in the mood. Another gem off of Take Off Your Pants And Jacket and sequel to the original, "Anthem" from Enema Of The State.


    This song was one of my favorites growing up. My friends and I would belt every lyric. Tom DeLonge wrote this song as both an ode to his wife and his favorite band, The Ramones. "All the Small Things" was named one of the "100 Greatest Pop Songs" by Rolling Stone, and is listed in the book 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die.


    This song is so rapid fire its hard to hear what's even being said, but it's an indisputable classic and obviously, a perfect party song.


    This song speaks for itself. Tom DeLonge believes that aliens exist. In fact, he seems to obsess about them quite a bit, so it's no wonder that this track is one of his favorites.


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