Music Video Premiere: Gavin Friday
    • TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2011

    • Posted by: Michael Washington

    Dublin's Gavin Friday is greatly known for his more morose expeditions, so when we heard the lead single "Able" off his album catholic, we were pleasantly surprised to indulge our ears in joyous stadium-sized synth rock. It was an obvious new look for Friday, so why not give it an equally staggering music video to go with it? The official visual representation for "Able" can only be described with one word: epic. Directed by Kevin Godley, the video finds Gavin Friday morphed into two people connected by the arms and feet. Throughout the segment, Friday tries his hardest to break away from his perceived clone, showcasing beautiful acrobatic techniques within the process. For us, the video represents a further portrayal of the song's individualistic lyrics. The person Friday is trying to break free from becomes a visual depiction of his own self-restraints. the video...

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