die antwoord's first U.S. release, streaming now
    • MONDAY, JULY 12, 2010

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    When Die Antwoord were just those WTF people with that WTF video on youtube which that WTF kid down the hall showed me that one time, the universe made sense. Kind of. But the fact that they've achieved something resembling actual musical fame/ popularity is way disorienting and sort of makes you question everything you thought you knew about social norms.

    I'm definitely not hating. Their utter and complete absurdity is refreshing, if sometimes alarming, and their music definitely has more to it than just shock/confuse value. But there's something about it that kind of makes the listener wary, because it's hard to tell if you're being played. Like how sometimes it's hard to tell if Lady Gaga's just making fun of her fans, only this is way cooler music. Or like contemporary art.

    Anyway, their digital EP 5 comes out tomorrow on Cherrytree/Interscope, and then as a super-limited (5,000 copies) physical EP on July 27th. It includes a previously unreleased remix of "Enter The Ninja" (preposterously creepy video of the original here) by DJ Fishsticks. You can stream the whole EP now on soundcloud. -selden paterson

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