Stars To Release In Our Bedroom After The War September 25th, Except…
    • THURSDAY, JULY 12, 2007

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    It’s actually available now…Legally! Here’s how. It seems Arts and Crafts are a pretty savvy label, sending an appreciative nod in the general direction of the awe inspiring “NEW MEDIA”. Did you feel the ground shake when you read “NEW MEDIA”? I did…

    Anyway, we think Arts and Crafts explain it best…
    “Traditional music business practice says we are to begin sending out copies of this album now. We give advance copies to print publications in hopes of securing features that coincide with our September date. We meet with radio stations in hopes of securing airplay. etc, etc...

    Inevitably someone will leak the album.

    Throughout this process, the most important people in this value chain, the fans, are given only two options - wait until September 25th to legally purchase the new album or choose from a variety of sources and download the album for free, at any time.

    We hope you'll choose to support the band, and choose to pay for their album. However we don't think it's fair you should have to wait until September 25th to do so.

    We believe that the line between the media and the public is now completely grey. What is the difference between a writer for a big glossy music magazine and a student writing about their favourite bands on their blog? What differentiates a commercial radio station from someone adding a song to their lastfm channel? or their myspace page?

    As such, we are making the new Stars album available for legal download today, four days after it's completion. The CD and double vinyl versions of the album will still be released on our official release date, September 25th. We hope you will continue to support music retailers should a physical album in all it's packaged glory be your choice of format.”

    For those hankering for a warm dose of the album, the label has conveniently made “The Night Starts Here” available for download. Testament to the prolific power of cabin fever, the familiar sounding chamber-tronica Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan deliver on the song suggests the entire album will offer proof that warm companionship and moving music kept the band cozy and snug in the wintered, North Quebec country home Stars nestled into to record In Our Bedroom After The War. – David Pitz

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    MP3: Stars:: In Our Bedroom After The War – Album Download
    MP3: Stars:: “The Night Stars Here” – from In Our Bedroom After The War
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