Sir Sly Is Hopeless (In a Good Way)
    • TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2017

    • Posted by: Meredith Nardino

    You wouldn't expect a band like Sir Sly to be featured on the soundtrack to Netflix's original series, 13 Reasons Why. Their introspective electro-pop doesn't fit with the mindless background music of typical teen dramas. A frantic mix of The Neighbourhood, Neon Trees, and Joywave, Sir Sly flew under the radar with their surprising debut, You Haunt Me. On their second album, Don't You Worry, Honey, the L.A. trio proves they could be on the way to alt-rock superstardom.

    It isn't easy to put Don't You Worry, Honey into one specific genre. The band's influences range from gospel to hip-hop, all while managing to give off a slight Tame Impala psychedelic vibe. You Haunt Me was full of moody, monochromatic synth-pop, and its follow-up is amplified to a whole new level. Singer Landon Jacobs explores some heavy topics like divorce and death, but the record isn't weighed down by darkness. Even though every song adds another layer to Jacobs' complex personal struggles, there are still moments that make you want to dance.

    Jacobs' songwriting is hopelessly honest and overflowing with self-pity. Instead of the self-important, overconfident language seen in so many pop artists' arsenals, Jacobs makes his vulnerabilities and flaws the stars of his songs. On songs like "Change," "Fun," and "2am," the singer's mistakes are made unapologetically clear, even when they're masked behind crisp synths. "Altar" plays into Jacobs' religious past - he once thought he would end up a pastor, or at least a member of a mega-church's gospel band. It's the moment Jacobs decides to rebuild himself instead of trying to rebuild a broken relationship.

    Don't You Worry, Honey is a brief album, but it packs a major emotional punch. The last two minutes of the final song, "Oh Mama," perfectly describe the band's outlook. Not even the most devastating loss or the most painful break-up can stop Sir Sly from creating their strain of electrifying atmospheric rock.

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