• MONDAY, JULY 11, 2016

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    LA-based indie five-piece, Local Natives have just dropped the latest single off their forthcoming album, Sunlit Youth.

    "Fountain of Youth" is what we've come to expect from Local Natives, welcoming, mellow, head-bouncing grooves and solid hooks. The single, released with an accompanying lyric video, nails the chill, West Coast indie feel, with an understated but steady drumbeat, reverberated guitars, and a laid-back vocal delivery.

    The song really shines with its lyrics, which is about leaving the past behind, embracing the changing times, and feeling free to be yourself:

    We can do whatever we want/We can say whatever we need.

    Local Natives have delivered a solid modern-day anthem, and a potent track considering current events the changes happening all over the world.

    Check out "Fountain of Youth" above and look out for Sunlit Youth out on September 9th.

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