Funniest Artist Parody Accounts You Need To Follow on Social Media
    • MONDAY, JULY 11, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    The internet has a lot of stuff -- stuff you didn't think you needed until you saw it. Like an Instagram account dedicated to Kanye West "doing things," as if the man himself didn't provide enough entertainment via Twitter already. And much like the Miley Bun incident a few years back, people are starting to get fixated on other parts of artists, like Pharrell's hat or Matt Healy's knee... Yes, there really is an account dedicated to his knee. But it doesn't stop there. Find out all of the other knees you can stalk and if you like what they have to say, you should hit them with the follow.

    1. Kanye Doing Things

    Yes, there really is an Instagram account dedicated to what Kanye West is doing. It ranges from enjoying the simple things in life (taking down a frappe and taking his child to Disneyland) to much more glamorous, celebrity activities, like sitting on the wing of a plane.

    2. Stuff Drake Does

    Similarly to Kanye, there's a parody account dedicated to what Drake's doing. The only difference is that these things are made up based off of Drake's music, whereas Kanye was really doing all of those things. Here you'll find a very emo, dramatic Drake who's in touch with his emotions.

    3. Pharrell's Hat

    This one is an instant classic. The hat really was a huge statement piece for Pharrell, so why wouldn't we want to hear its thoughts?

    4. What Taylor Swift Does

    @WhatTaylorDoes portrays Swift as a melodramatic, psychotic, stalker-y ex-girlfriend, as she bakes cookies for her ex and leaves them on his doorstep. Is there some truth hidden behind this silly joke? She does love baking...

    5. Rick Ross

    This fake Rick Ross sure does spit some hard-hitting truth for some rando impersonator.

    6. Matt Healy's Knee

    Are there any fans of The 1975 out there that understand this? I never looked at Matt Healy's knee as funny. I never even looked at Matt Healy's knee at all. Apparently he used to wear these black ripped jeans that would expose it a lot? But he doesn't wear them as much anymore? What a pity.

    7. Drake's Knee

    But wait! Matt Healy's knee isn't the only knee we're infatuated with -- We like Drake's, too!

    8. Blue Ivy's Reactions

    Okay, this one is hilarious. Especially after Beyonce dropped Lemonade, her daughter's parody account started making a lot of jokes about daddy issues. It's kind of fucked up but kind of perfect. Come on, who wouldn't take this opportunity to make inappropriate jokes?

    You can also find some pretty decent Photoshop jobs, like this one:

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