• MONDAY, JULY 11, 2016

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Ladies and gentlemen, this probably isn't news to most of you, but we are living in an age of unprecedented and unfettered technological progress. In just the last decade, we have seen amazing steps in revolutionizing the way we live, like the birth of the iPhone, the rise of social media, the unstoppable wave of streaming services, and whatever the hell that new Pokemon app is. Technology has even greatly altered the music world, with EDM, dance, snyth-heavy pop and hip-hop continuing to dominate the mainstream charts. One of the biggest complaints from old-fashioned music lovers (i.e. anyone who has been saying rock is dead for the last 20+ years) about new and electronic music is that it's got no soul or that it doesn't sound organic. Well, my nostalgic friends, allow me to introduce you to FRENSHIP, a fresh-faced live duo from LA whose music is, as member James Sunderland puts it, A hybrid of the organic with the electronic.

    The duo formed in 2013 after Sunderland and Brett Hite met while working in retail. Hite was an active songwriter by this point, but Sunderland had been musically adrift during a tumultuous time with a previous DJ duo, a mismatch he described as "a soul-sucking experience." While they initially bonded over their mutual love for 1980s music, the collaborative process really began when the two realized their different musical styles and creative approaches could combine to make something special. "We were coming from two different sounds", says Sunderland, "But began to realize we both brought something that the other could appreciate." With Hite's singer-songwriter background and Sunderland's experience with electronica, the two developed a unique blend of traditional pop song characteristics with hypnotic dance and synth beats.

    The group has been showing off their goods with tracks like the radio-ready "Carpet" and the subdued-yet-lively "Nowhere," but the duo really hit a hot streak with the help of singer-songwriter Emily Warren on the viral hit "Capsize" which was named Song of the Summer by Spotify after accruing more than 20 million hits in a month. The dance hall-tinged track was recorded at 4:00 A.M. after Warren's graduation from NYU, and even features a snippet of a voicemail Warren's grandmother left her during the session congratulating her. "It was just the most heartfelt thing," Hite explains, We couldn't even nail why it was significant, but there was an emotion that we wanted to capture.

    Those good vibes and fresh-outta-college optimism definitely made their way onto the track, as it's an upbeat and memorable tune that will stick with you for all the right reasons. The massive success of "Capsize" has also attracted some big names for FRENSHIP, as the duo recently signed with Columbia and is currently working on their debut EP.

    Injecting a natural feel into an increasingly electronic music world (and the world in general, for that matter) FRENSHIP offer quite a lot for techno-pop lovers and skeptics alike. They have already made one of the biggest songs of the summer, so you can bet you will be hearing more and more about them in the very near future.

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