The Best and Worst Singers Turned Fashion Designers
    • FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014

    • Posted by: Sarah Kasarsky

    Many successful musicians have found it necessary to grace fans with more than just their singing talents. Fashion has become a popular outlet to let these artists' creative energies flow — for better or for worse. As these experiments either result in runway victories or dismal defeats, check out our list of the top 5 artists turned fashion designers, and 5 who tragically let the pressures of selecting fabrics and sequins get to their heads.


    1. Gwen Stefani — L.A.M.B.

    An acronym for "Love Angel Music Baby," and the same title as her 2004 solo debut, Stefani's L.A.M.B. is loaded with creativity, individuality, and style. Everything from L.A.M.B.'s tops to shoes are edgy, and are found in bold patterns and colors. The former No Doubt vocalist maintains her rocker vibe in her fashion, yet still emanates class and taste.

    2. Victoria Beckham — Victoria Beckham

    About 15 years past the Spice Girls' prime, Victoria Beckham still can't seem to escape her "Posh Spice" nickname. Her self-titled line is certainly posh itself, as it's filled with chic apparel, accessories, and even eyewear. Although it's far out of the average-earners' price range — most items are well over $1,000 — Victoria Beckham's elegant designs easily prove that she may have a better knack for fashion than she ever did for singing.

    3. Sean Combs — Sean John

    Already known as P.Diddy, Puff Daddy, and Sean Combs, the rapper/actor has yet another name to show us: Sean John, the name of his clothing line. Specifically designed for men, the line carries clean-cut everyday wear such as t-shirts and jeans, as well as stylish suits and blazers for more special occasions.

    4. Rihanna — River Island Collection

    In 2013, Rihanna paired up with international clothing brand River Island and designer Adam Selman to bring her fashion-forward style into the industry itself. Just like her, the line is bold and courageous, carrying eccentric apparel from camouflaged onesies, crop-tops and heels, to high shine shorts. Whether or not we'd be comfortable strutting down the street in every one of her items is beside the point, because we know she would.

    5. Pharrell Williams — Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream

    As an acclaimed singer, rapper, composer, and producer, Pharrell can proudly add fashion designer to his list of careers. His two fashion lines, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream, carry trendy street-wear that exude an effortless, cool and casual vibe. With clothing for both men and women, his t-shirts, sweatshirts and polos are sold in bright colors and fun patterns, making it finally possible to be comfortable and look mighty fine at the same time.


    1. Avril Lavigne — Abbey Dawn

    Launched in 2008, Abbey Dawn is an unsightly reminder of Lavigne's punk-princess-rebellious teen phase of the early 2000s. As many items feature skulls and crossbones, black and pink, puffy skirts, and a depressing phrase about living life, it may be time for Lavigne to get back to music, and "Let Go" of her fashion line.

    2. Kanye West — A.P.C.

    Kanye West's collaboration with French clothing line A.P.C. only helped confirm his oblivion to those of normal wealth and fame. His line does feature clean cut t-shirts, jeans, and sweatshirts, however, pretty identical to anything on the racks at Target for 10-30 bucks. Kanye calls his plain t-shirts "hip-hop shirts", so he charges over $100 for them. With that said, it's back to Target for me.

    3. Chris Kirkpatrick — Fuman Skeeto

    The former N*Sync member's attempt at a clothing line lasted just about as long as his moment of fame in the music industry. Fuman Skeeto featured tie-dyed shirts, patchwork denim, and jackets created in bright colors and loud patterns that clashed. It's obvious as to why this experiment failed so quickly.

    4. Outkast — Outkast Clothing Company

    In 2002, Andre 3000 and Big Boi created Oukast Clothing Company to mimic their own bizarre, hip-hop take on everyday apparel. After their flashy over-sized polos and sports jersey-inspired shirts were created, the duo acknowledged that they would never wear any of it. This statement was undoubtedly a poor career decision — it led to the speedy demise of the company.

    5. Selena Gomez — Dream Out Loud

    Gomez's line for Kmart cheerlessly celebrates the tween phase we all want to forget. With tacky plaids, awkward length shirts that don't really pass as tops or dresses and numerous unflattering hats, braces are the perfect accessory to complete the look. As a singer who often looks trendy and composed herself, Gomez could have used her own fashion sense before associating her name with this line.

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