Adult Jazz Is Your Next Obsession
    • FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2014

    • Posted by: Adlan Jackson

    It's a rare pleasure to sing the praises of a band that, for many reasons, is clearly "up next," just before they step into the limelight. Adult Jazz has just released the single "Am Gone" b/w "Springful." On both songs, the band showcases their unique talent for travelling restlessly from dissonant harmonies and web-like rhythms to sublime melodic moments. From the way the bluesy opening notes of "Springful" bleed into plaintive cries, to the modal spider's web of "Idiot Mantra" — another cut from upcoming album Gist Is — Adult Jazz's music is pure candy to any fan of tension and release.

    The band has been noted for their free-flowing song structures, and in under five minutes, each song the same sort of magnetic progression that pop songs tend to draw from formula, without a sacrificing an exploratory vitality. Indeed, at the end of a song as propulsive as "Am Gone," you might forget that it doesn't really have a chorus, and that the most compelling parts of its verses feature the singer slurring along in unison to soapy guitar parts. The music maintains a remarkable openness and a sense that anything could happen in the next moment.

    Adult Jazz's Gist Is is an album we're definitely looking forward to this summer, and it comes out on the 4th of August via Spare Thought (Pre-order here). You can watch the music video for their song "Idiot Mantra" below.

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