Is This The New Home of Maxwell's In Jersey City?
    • THURSDAY, JULY 11, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    In a recent report by the Wall Street Journal about the increasing number of art venues in Jersey City, it was mentioned that Maxwell's owner Todd Abramson is considering moving the historic Hoboken music venue to downtown Jersey City. The current desired location is White Eagle Hall, an enormous, century-old building that's uninhabited and run-down.

    "My sense is that there would be much more support for what I do in Jersey City from both residents and the city itself than I'm finding in Hoboken right now," Abramson told WSJ.

    As a Hoboken-to-Jersey City emigrant, I can't agree with Maxwell's owner more. My personal stint in Hoboken was short-lived as the city has become a college town for university graduates who couldn't let go of the frat life. It's a strange place where bar owners compare dick sizes via massive collections of mounted flat-screen televisions, and bar patrons select their favorite night dwellings based on where DJ (insert asinine name here) will be "spinning" his iTunes playlist. Moving to Downtown Jersey City, I shacked up in a rent-controlled apartment that's changed hands throughout the past two decades through countless retired NJ-hardcore punk musicians, some of whom still live there. Most of these still-studded individuals run the neighborhood's no-frills service industry. When I say "no-frills" I mean a real dive, and not a gimmick where a 'restauranteur' spent tens of thousands on the illusion of urban wear and tear. It's a utopia where you can find a beer for two bucks, and where TVs, if they're even present, still have deep backs and only play VH1 Classic just in case a Motorhead or Maiden video comes on.

    It would be pretty exciting to have a professionally-run music venue in DTJC, and I think Todd Abramson is the dude to do it. If you're not familiar with the potential location, here are some photos we dug up of White Eagle Hall.

    Photos via Jersey Journal

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