Dan Deacon vs. That Beast in Your Brain: 'True Thrush'
    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, 2012

    • Posted by: Amanda Scherker

    Indie-electro king Dan Deacon's got a "beast in his brain," and you'd better listen up: he just dropped this latest single "True Thrush" off his upcoming album, America. Deacon's got nothing to prove -- he's a revered staple of the electronic scene with a gaggle of albums under his belt. But he's hardly in need of a beach-side sabbatical. This artist's chops are anything but tired.

    Deacon has always possessed an uncanny knack for effortlessly blending the disparate and the bizarre, without ever trying too hard to be quirky. And, indeed, "True Thrush" is radical, a true argument for the face-melting capacity of modern electronic music. Strange alien babies wail in the strangest choir you'll ever hear, an automated female voice scolds, some sort of bird unidentifiable to any zoologists squawk, all while layers of synths crackle and spark like a campfire in the background. We could spend all day picking apart the pieces like a lousy Top Chef judge, trying to figure out why this song works so well, but how about you just give it a listen?

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