MP3 Premiere: Max Burgundy
    • MONDAY, JULY 11, 2011

    • Posted by: Dominick Sorrentino

    Photo by Greg Jeske

    Some hip-hop is so bad that it accidentally comes across as being hilarious: case in point. It's like watching every Nicolas Cage movie ever. No one likes Wickerman because they think it's a good movie. It's just too funny to hear Nicolas Cage say "You bitches, killing me won't bring back your god damned honey!" But today is not the day for accidents. Other rappers, like Max Burgandy, have a legitimately on-purpose sharp sense of humor, and this brand new track called "Save Ferris (F*ck my Job)" will make you laugh for the right reasons.

    Max Burgundy, underground artist from New York City, gets extra points for all of the following: Using the theme song to The Office as a beat, referencing Ferris Bueller and Michael Vick, using the L-train and Mayor Bloomberg as an excuse for being late to work, and the line: "Watch a murder she wrote/ Angela, Damn why you such a good actress?" Yup.

    Hear and have it by clicking on the link below and watch out for more Max around the New York area (and soon, beyond).

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    MP3: "Save Ferris (F*ck My Job)"

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