Handsome Furs Sound Kapital
    • MONDAY, JULY 11, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Handsome Furs might be taking the new sexual liberation of mainstream art imagery to the next level (standard music videos of near pornographic nature, album cover with full frontal nudity, etc), but we all benefit from the overflowing current of Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry's electric chemistry. Sound Kapital is loosely based on the continuing travel journal of the wedded duo, and the electronic pulse never stops beating as quickly as possible. While Boeckner's constructions in Wolf Parade yield well thought out guitar bits and sporadic bursts of Spencer Krug's introspection, the Handsome Furs project highlights a different kind of partnership, one that is a little more passionate, and a little more flighty. This album is like sex in a foreign country, and perhaps, literally born of such acts.

    Boeckner's particular approach towards hooks finds a natural compliment in Perry's synths, that much has been evident since day one of the project. Nothing has changed. The drive of each song is the riff, hammering home lyrics about life and travel from Boeckner, culminating in cries about stuff related to an extraneous locale, like being 'repatriated' and 'when I get back'. The songs that correspond to those titles, like much of the record, are a sugar rush of pop propulsion with a distinctly Wolf Parade edge, just more evidence to support the solidly defined side project as Boeckner's overseas love child. You can't accuse the Handsome Furs of boredom, even in their most blatantly banal moments. It's a timeless sound, at least in our generation of indie rock worship.

    There is only so much one can do with hooks and a drum machine, as many young bands have demonstrated by growing out of the phase. But Handsome Furs are about youthful vigor and exploration; to mature and expand would be to negate the mission statement. They are the Toys 'R' Us kids of side projects, and in order to retain their appeal, must remain as simple as possible. And Sound Kapital is as solid as its name would suggest, a solid romp in the minds of two oversexed artists, and more than enough to foot the bill.

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