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    • WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, 2007

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    With primly suited names fit for Victorian Theater, I’m rather glad Armistead Burwell Smith IV and Rob Crow managed to fend off their own existence…if only for a few centuries…so they could boldly be born of an entirely different era. Bass and guitar just seem to fit these two; more so than any powdered wig ever could (though, could you imagine if they slipped one on for a gig?). And Pinback just sounds so much better to these ears, than theater in the round.

    Thankfully, the two fresh faces are very much a modern day phenomenon. So modern, it seems, that Pinback is prepping to unveil their latest batch of “polyphono-orchestro”, classic indie fare. And while Autumn of the Seraphs will not be available until September 11th, Touch and Go are releasing a snappy single to tease fans of the band with until the long player is available.

    Judging by "From Nothing to Nowhere”, the snappy melodies the band has staked critically acclaimed albums like Blue Screen Life and Summer in Abandon on remain whole heartedly in tact. Casting interlocking vocals, brainy bass lines, and chiming, Police-esque guitar work with a ready steady go tempo, “From Nothing To Nowhere” sounds flung from the barrel of a shot gun. Buy the single HERE. - David Pitz

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    MP3: Pinback:: “From Nothing to Nowhere” – from From Nothing to Nowhere

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