BAEBLE BAE ALERT: Brandon Flowers' Undeniable Manliness
    • MONDAY, JULY 10, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    The Killers just came back with their new song "The Man," which is all about well, being the man. Feeling on top of the world, having "gas in the tank" and "money in the bank." It's a silly concept but let's be honest, singer Brandon Flowers is the man, and just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the band released a video for the song.

    The band took the meaning of the song literally for the video, which features several different shots of Brandon Flowers looking *fine as hell* in the Las Vegas desert. It doesn't even matter what your "type" is, because he does it all. Do you like your man in a wife beater, grilling a steak, and shooting a gun? How about in a snazzy suit in a 5-star hotel surrounded by booze and women? Maybe even rockin' a cowboy hat and a bejeweled jacket? Why not everything? Because guess what: Brandon Flowers does it all, and he does it well. Just look at that smile around the 4:00 mark and try to tell me he is not the most handsome man you have ever seen.

    Brandon Flowers wasn't always this attractive. In 2004 when the band made their debut with "Mr. Brightside," he certainly had potential, but he was still in the emo, guy-liner phase alongside bands like Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy. I'm also pretty sure he's wearing lipgloss in that video. He was only 23 years old at the time and it showed, but now it's been more than a decade. Let's just say Brandon is like cheese: he gets better with age.

    In 2006, during the release of Sam's Town, Brandon was still in that slightly weird emo phase. Sure, the band was making some of the best music of their career, but that couldn't save the monstrosity that was Brandon's mustache:

    It was during the release of 2008's Day & Age that Brandon suddenly got hot. He grew into his face and started styling his hair better. And the existential crisis of "are we human or are we dancer"? I love a man with deep thoughts that no one understands.

    In between all of this, the singer also had a solo career, which is when he really blossomed. I'll never forget the song and video for "Crossfire" which co-starred actress/goddess Charlize Theron (another reason why I wish I was her). This period in Brandon's career really showed off his skills not only as a frontman but as a songwriter -- a man who is not only pretty on the outside but has a knack for writing such pretty melodies? Sign me up!

    Also, "Can't Deny My Love" is the best song ever. It sounds like something straight out of the 80s and while it's extremely corny, it's also extremely catchy, which makes it so damn addicting. You're right, Brandon. I can't deny your love… And I won't.

    And then of course, "The Man" video dropped, showing off Brandon's chiseled jaw-line and suddenly it felt like I was falling in love all over again.

    Look at how well he rocks jeans and a tee. Classic:

    Stay gold Desired Effect. Well........ for a little while anyway.

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    Listen to #TheDesiredEffect in full NOW on @itunes.

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    Preparing to honor the man.

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    Anyone with eyes can see that Brandon Flowers is one of the finest men in rock right now, so if he wants to start showing it off, let him. I certainly don't mind watching.

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