The Undeniable Sweetness of Bitter's Kiss
    • FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2015

    • Posted by: Joseph Farago

    Bitter's Kiss is a bright indie-pop project of Chloe Baker, a New Jersey songstress with a delicate voice and the quintessential singer/songwriter style. With a voice echoing through mild and placid instrumentation, Baker soars and uplifts with an intimate cadence. Though having started Bitter's Kiss less than a year ago, the project has made significant strides; with over 200,000 plays on SoundCloud and a blooming internet presence, this artist has nowhere to go but up. We got to talk with Bitter's Kiss about her opinions on modern songwriting, her influences, and the new single "Love Wont Make You Cry".

    Many of the most critically acclaimed records of 2015 have been confessional singer-songwriter albums: Natalie Prass, Father John Misty, Tobias Jesso Jr., etc. As someone cut from that cloth, what is it about the genre that is suddenly speaking to so many people again?

    I really think there's a movement away from relying on the catchy hook played over and over again in super well produced tracks. Maybe it's a growing uncertainty in what's going on in the world, changes in society, and a sense that things still aren't where we would like them to be, but I really think people are looking to connect with the music they're listening to on an emotional and spiritual level.I've written some songs that are very personal to me and been amazed at how many people feel similar things. Some songs push the edge of some people's comfort zone, but then other people really appreciate that they feel heard in the lyrics.

    Speaking of singer-songwriters, it's such a broad catch-all term. Joni Mitchell is only tangentially related to someone like Cat Stevens. Was there a particular breed of songwriters that spoke to you as inspiration for your music?

    I guess I lean towards music that causes an emotional reaction and leaves me reflecting on the lyrics. One of my goals in writing songs is to convey a message that may not be obvious at first, but sticks in people's heads as they listen. Carole King and Janis Ian are songwriters that I really enjoy because of the emotional journey I go on when I listen to them. For example, as a teenager, I feel the pain, insecurities and loneliness in Janis Ian's "Seventeen," it makes me evaluate my own feelings about life and love. [Ed. Note: It was one of my favorite songs as a teenager as well.]

    "Love Won't Make You Cry" is a very dramatic and emotive song, and that sort of vulnerability and openness is present throughout the whole record. Is it ever draining investing that much of yourself in your music?

    Actually, I think it has the opposite effect on me. By exploring my feelings and writing them into my songs, I actually feel relieved. And then to have so many people write me that they can relate to what I wrote is very powerful and rewarding. I am not alone and neither are they.

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