Coming Attractions: Boy and Bear
    • THURSDAY, JULY 10, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    A few weeks back we invited a slew of interesting folks by our West Village domicile. We had some eats, a keg, some sort of super-spiked lemonade concoction, and of course some great music. One artist, Frances Cone, hopped a cab across the East River from their home in Brooklyn. Another, Boy & Bear, chose a jumbo jet from way the heck down under. Seeing as they traveled the furthest, we'll be leading the Baeble Bands and Brews rollout with a release of a session with our new Australian folkie friends on Tuesday. Pulling songs from their most recent album Harlequin Dream, it's a dreamy, if not slightly whimsical swath of tunes the boys whipped up for our guests; frontier folk that flows like a cold river over our hot flashing, big city dwelling hearts, providing a nice moment to slow down, ruminate, let the buzz kick in, and appreciate such a stunning musical gift from overseas. We've prepped a trailer to give you a smidgen of what's on deck for Tuesday. Have a look and mark your calendars for the full release.

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