Reinventions: Our Top 5 Ellie Goulding Covers
    • TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012

    • Posted by: Kara Parker

    Electro-Pop songstress Ellie Goulding has emerged one of music's most versatile artists. Her melodies are intricate and catchy but her lyrics are poetic and impressively emotional. With the ability to strip down many of her tracks to acoustic sets, it seems the sky's the limit for Goulding and crew. One of the most impressive tools in Goulding's belt might be her complete understanding of her sound. YouTube is littered with covers performed by her, each one completely unique from the original arrangement.

    Check out Beable's list of Ellie Goulding's top five covers, and be sure to watch her session exclusively on Baeble.

    5) "The Only Girl In the World" (Rihanna Cover)

    When artists cover pop tracks, it's pretty common for them to slow them down and try to imply some deeper meaning to catchy melodies. After slowing down the rhythm and reducing the melody to a simply strumming guitar, most artists declare their covers "good enough"... but most artists aren't Ellie Goulding. Twisting Rihanna's dance pop hit about sex, boys, and longing for attention (and we all know those are SO rare), Goulding transforms "Only Girl (In The World)" from a catchy pop melody to a simple ballad, complete with an orchestra. Goulding's vocal interpretation completes this cover. She handles it with the most unique blend of strength and vulnerability that drives the lyrics into a new realm of intimacy that's never been experienced in any Rihanna song... ever.

    4) "Be Mine (ft. Erik Hassle)" (Robyn Cover)

    Covering a track form a fellow spunky electro pop female artist like Robyn could have presented some problems for Goulding. Their styles are fairly similar, which could limit the new directions available for her to take the track. But true to form, she succeeds -- while the acoustic melody of "Be Mine" is similar to Robyn's acoustic sessions, Goulding takes the heartache to the next level by teaming up with Swedish crooner, Erik Hassle. The duet-cover adds a completely new dimension to the heartache, embodying a lose-lose perspective of break-ups. The two voices mesh perfectly resonating with emotion, a necessity for such a stripped-down guitar melody. This is the type of song you want to play outside of your ex's window John Cusack style and force them to realize, 'You hurt me, I just want you to know that.'

    3) "Heartbeats" (The Knife Cover)

    It's always a treat when an artist takes a song, with no bells or whistles, and just truly performs. Swedish electro-pop duo, The Knife's track "Heartbeats," could have been fun for Goulding and crew to enhance with their collective melodic genius. Instead, it's simple and eloquent. From there, the cover is carried by Goulding's softly rasping voice. While in many acoustic performances, she tends to dance around notes with her signature vibrato, here she plays it safe, grounding the track in a way that reveals clarity in the meaning.

    2) "High For This" (The Weekend Cover)

    While there are many thing about this cover that make it great, the pure sex appeal definitely bolstered its ranking a bit more than the other elements. Covering The Weekend's "High For This," for Goulding, involves adding ascending vocal reverbs and a simple beat comprised of snapping. It's a priceless Goulding-style R&B construction. The chorus's feature Goulding's background vocals twinkling with an electro-spin that shows her involvement with the arrangement, truly focusing on making it her own. While I'm sure the lyrics are open to interpretation, it's pretty clear they're very seductive. While the lyrics sing, "you don't know/what's in store," I find it hard to believe anyone would hesitate in pursuing any invitation from Goulding.

    1) "The Wolves" (Bon Iver Cover)

    Scroll through any hipster's iPod and you're bound to find both Ellie Goulding and woodsy songwriter Bon Iver. After listening to said hipster tell you about how they were into both long before the debut LPs even dropped, go ahead and change the conversation to possibly one of the best covers indie music has ever seen. It's a match made in heaven. At her core, Ellie Goulding offers genuine folk qualities that are masked in many of her tracks by her phenomenal melodies. Her voice transforms effortlessly to compel a wide range of emotions with a click on your iPod. Did someone say emotions? Enter: Bon Iver. Using his beautifully poetic lyrics and Goulding's mostly a cappella vocal layers, this cover is inescapable. At first, its vacancy captures you creating a curiosity of what's to come. As it builds you realize you're all of a sudden inexplicably emotional and you're not 100% sure why. The track makes you feel like you're right on the verge of an emotional breakthrough...and then it's over. Be warned, you will hit replay.

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