the guest apartment: kaiser cartel
    • FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2009

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    Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel play indie pop that finds its' listener ripe with warmth, and moist in misty summer imagery. Earlier this week the unassuming Brooklyn couple - both musically and romantically linked - paid a visit to our Guest Apartment, bringing both a chipper sort of outlook, and four perfectly sculpted tunes along with them. Though their musical lineup is obviously sparse, Kaiser Cartel don't shy away from giving themselves plenty to work with. On the vivacious whistler "Season Song", Benjamin gives the song a percussive pulse with the help of various kitchen concoctions. Check out the click and clack rhythms, stirring the song with a set of wooden spoons, and the swish of a homemade shaker (risotto shifting in small Tupperware container). On "OK", the couple take viewers inside a relationship (possibly their own?) by slinging on a set of guitars and matching each other with perfect two part harmonies. More kitchen utensils come in to play on "Favorite Song", as Courtney rattles a milk frother up against the bells of a glockenspiel. And "Inside Out" gets held up on a thick bed of harmonium, as Benjamin handles both percussive and guitar responsibilities. - David Pitz

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    VIDEO: Kaiser Cartel at the Guest Apartment

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