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    • FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2009

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    Welcome to Friday. This is the day before the two best days of the week. Unless of course you work on the weekend. Then Friday is just like any other day and perhaps Monday would be a better day for you. Regardless, this mixtape is for all you Friday lovers, and Monday lovers, and basically everybody else. Unless of course you have an aversion to discovering new music. Then this mixtape may not be up your alley. But for everyone else, here it is! -Greg Lozoff

    1. Air - "Do The Joy"

    This is the triumphant return of our favorite French ambient-electro duo Air. "Do The Joy" can be found on their upcoming LP, entitled Love 2. The song is very recognizably Air, perhaps meaning that the duo is sticking to what they know best on the new record, and that is creating emotion laden electro music, perfect for the next Sofia Coppola flick.

    2. Discovery - "So Insane"

    We have been eagerly awaiting Discovery to release their debut album, LP ever since we heard about the duo coming together for the first time a few months back. In case you haven't heard, Discovery is composed of the lead singer from Ra Ra Riot, Wes Miles and Vampire Weekend keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij. The result is an album of 10 songs that sound more like Ra Ra Riot than Vampire weekend, but a Ra Ra Riot that has replaced their string section with keyboards and guitars with drum machines. Ezra Koenig and Angel Deradoorian guest star on the album as well if you didn't already have enough incentive.

    3. Javiera Mena - "Como Siempre Sone"

    We were turned onto this Chilean singer songwriter via Jens Lekman's blog. After describing his contraction of the Swine Flu virus he then goes on to talk about how he was disappointed in not being able to see Javiera Mena perform. After checking out her debut album, Esquemas Juveniles, we can understand why. Her soft and pure voice melds beautifully with shimmering 80's inspired electro pop that seems to draw you in and not let go.

    4. La Roux - "Bulletproof"

    Here's a relatively new act from the UK who goes by the name of La Roux (perhaps in reference to lead singer Elly Jackson's characteristically funky red hair). Don't be fooled, although this may look like a solo act, La Roux is in fact a duo, with Jackson providing the vocals and synths and Ben Langmaid acting as producer. Their debut, self-titled album is just plain fun and perfect for summer dance parties.

    5. Sin Fang Bous - "Clangour and Flutes"

    Sin Fang Bous is the solo project of Sindri Mar Sigfusson, who you may know as a member of Icelandic indie pop band Seabear. Other than Sigfusson's recognizable breathy vocals, there aren't very many similarities between the two acts. As Sin Fang Bous, Sigfusson's music is a little more scattered and chaotic, while still managing to remain as cute as ever. The album is called Clangour and is in stores now.

    6. Fleet Foxes - "Blue Spotted Tail" (Live on BBC 6)

    This is a new track that lead Fleet Foxes member Robin Pecknold performed recently on BBC 6. The hits just keep pouring out of this guy. We really can't wait for a new full length and who knows, maybe this song will be on it. Only time will tell.

    7. Elephant Stone - "Bombs Bomb Away"

    Elephant Stone is ex-High Dials member Rishi Dhir's latest musical venture. After spending years with The High Dials and putting out some incredible records, Dhir decided it was time to go in a new direction. On his debut album as Elephant Stone, he enlisted the help of friends in some of Montreal's greatest indie outfits like The Besnard Lakes and The Dears. The result is The Seven Seas, a Polaris Prize nominated album mixing the indie rock that Montreal is famous for with traditional Indian music, setting it apart from everything else that is out there.

    8. Jeniferever - "Green Meadow Island"

    Jeniferever are a group of Swedish indie rockers that have been pumping out melodic and emotion driven rock ballads since the mid 90s. "Green Meadow Island" can be found on the band's latest album Spring Tides, which has been out since April. On it you will find music that can shift from dark and brooding to soft and lilting in an the blink of an eye. One thing remains constant throughout however, and that is a persistent heart-rending emotionality present on every track.

    9. The Rural Alberta Advantage - "Frank, AB"

    New signees to Saddle Creek records, The Rural Alberta Advantage have just released their highly anticipated debut LP, Hometowns and it is already receiving praise from critics all around the music world (including an 8/10 on Pitchfork). "Frank, AB" is one of many standout tracks on the record. While these guys aren't actually from Alberta, they are still a talented bunch of Canadian folk rockers, deserving of all the praise they have been getting.

    10. Jenny Lewis - "See Fernando"

    Why not end this one with a track from Jenny Lewis' latest love machine, Acid Tongue. The song is called "See Fernando" and doesn't sound at all like ABBA's "Fernando". And have you seen the awesome video to go along with the song? Hey, is that the Watson Twins i see?

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