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    • FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2009

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    Here's a record that'll fight the criminally rapid pace of the summer months, courtesy of the appropriately titled band, Summer Cats. The 13 tracks offered on their debut Songs for Tuesdays (Slumberland), along with the undeniably intricate and colorful artwork that accompanies it, has enough force to prevent our hollowed streets from ever feeling the crispy texture of an autumn leaf, or the chilling sensation of a winter snowflake. And so we welcome you Summer Cats, with a fitting ray of joy.

    Formed in 2006, the Australian band is compromised of five members; Hugh, Irene, Julia, Scott B. and Scott S. With a kitchy blend of female and male vocals, plus the sounds of tambourines, shakers and handclaps, Summer Cats precisely combine old jingles of the '60s with a catchy, more modern pop feel. Not only that, Songs For Tuesdays offers no hints of insecurity. The Summer Cats know their sound.

    First track Let's Go, is an ideal opener (and the title speaks for itself). We suggest playing this one in the mornings, when the alarm clock ticks to that ghastly number that insists the day ensue. Though still groggy from the wee hours, expect the verses to roll of your tongue. Hell, you might even greet the day with a tap of your foot, as the band diffuses the gap between indie rock and pop on songs like "Super" and "Fulton Girls".

    We normally don't harp over tracks that mimic the typical female, male I'm in love with you duet, but In June would be unbearable to skip over. The song paints a scene where lovers yearn for each other when they are apart. We know...sounds clich. But In June is without a doubt, the stand-out number from this album. The vocals are so pleasantly soothing, and the track plays like an indie lullaby.

    Slumberland Records plans to release Songs For Tuesdays on July 14th...though the title might be misleading. These songs can illuminate everyday, not just Tuesdays. - Lonnie Nemiroff

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