LIVE REVIEW: Cobi at Neuehouse in NYC
    • FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2016

    • Posted by: Allison Baritz

    [Photo by Tom Craven]

    Last night I headed to the Neuehouse at Madison Square to catch Cobi. My friend and I definitely brought the average age down at least ten years. The crowd was a little older than I was expecting, people looked like they stopped by on their way home from work.

    The Neuehouse was one of the cooler venues that Ive been to. It is a co-working space that houses a screening room, full bar, and multiple floors filled with couches and tables to lounge and meet up with friends. Cobi performed in their basement which couldn't have been more perfect. It was a dimly lit, coffee house looking, living room type lounge with a bar, couches, and tons of books. It was the ideal backdrop to sit and listen to the up and coming artist do his thing.

    It was a very intimate performance, with people in chairs and on couches, standing by the bar, and sitting on the floor almost at Cobi's feet. I really liked the vibes and atmosphere that both the venue and the crowd gave off.

    Now on to Cobi. Talk about a talent. He only sang six songs and I was hoping for at least another 600 more. I didnt want the show to end. His voice was hypnotizing and his guitar playing was mesmerizing. He sang with such range and soul, with just the right amount of rasp and grit.

    I was sitting on a couch next to a man who either worked for Cobi's record label, 300 Entertainment, or for Cobi himself. His phone vibrated at one point and there was a text sitting on his home page sent from someone who must have also been in the room. The text read something to the effect of, Cobi's confidence and swagger during the performance was awe-inspiring.

    Once Cobi finished his final song of the evening, the #1 most viral song in the world on Spotify, "Dont You Cry For Me," a label rep took the mic and was talking to the audience about everything going on in the world and about the kind of talent that Cobi is.

    After introducing himself, Kevin said, "If you're not about love, you're about bullshit," which made Cobi and the audience both giggle and applaud. Then he told the audience that we were all going to learn the chorus of the last song Cobi sang. This was an impromptu idea that surprised everyone, including Cobi himself. Then, we began to learn...

    "Please help me chop this tree down
    Hold me from underneath
    Words never cut me down
    Oh, dont you cry for me"

    Once we all picked up on the words we chanted the chorus multiple times while Cobi led us on both vocals and guitar. It was moving to be a part of and to hear everyone singing these words in unison. Kevin said that the chorus means so much, especially in these times of hate and terrorism. To have everyone in the room clap their hands and sing with Cobi was a one-of-a-kind experience that no one in the audience could soon forget.

    1. "Nobody Open The Door"
    2. "Love A Little"
    3. "Shadows"
    4. "Profit Story"
    5. "Cosmopolitan Mna"
    6. "Dont You Cry For Me

    Check out Cobi's chart-topping track "Don't Cry For Me" above and read his letter to Baeble, From the Road.

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