Cam'ron Wants To 'Talk About It'
    • TUESDAY, JULY 01, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    The hazy days of Dipset are a purple haze of the past, back when the boys known as The Diplomats were spinning out hits like the "Hey Ma" remix, and "Dipset Anthem". It's been a minute since Killa Cam has given us something as solid as Purple Haze, but his latest EP series, First of The Month, is adding up with some promise.

    "Talk About It" is the second single off the new EP, which dropped on iTunes last night, and Cam's classic yeah-okay sarcasm is resurrected over a solid concerto turned march beat, "I can take a few/Matter fact I ate a few/But you a play-doh ho/I don't know what you make of you." The best incarnation of Cam is the patronizing Cam. The rapper who strolls through a verse about mental un-health to drugs and the ugly struggle, and sinks his point with a flip style crack that let's everyone know just how fuckin' silly they are, "Whatever you want/Wanna talk about it?"

    First of The Month Vol.1 is out now. Get it on iTunes, and heads up for the 30 min visual component ft. Cousin Bang.

    Listen to "Talk About It" below.

    First of The Month Vol. 1 trailer.

    And the "Funeral" music video:

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