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    A lot of noise has been going around about Wavves' Barcelona meltdown, but really, was anyone surprised? Take a hyped up hipster off the blogs and put him in front of a giant festival crowd, and disaster is bound to strike. Wavves plays offhand lo-fi noise pop that's best suited for crackly headphones and basement parties, and his new video for "No Hope Kids" shows him doing what he does best.

    This involves kicking it at DIY shows, bouncing around in wayfarers and flannel, playing video games, smoking, drinking, and falling over a whole lot. At the risk of offending anyone who takes their obscurity too seriously, it's basically Simple Plan's "I'm Just A Kid" remade for kids who prefer to rock Cheap Mondays rather than Volcom tees. Scenes and fashion statements change, but idle days, wasted nights, and handheld camcorders are always in style. You'll find this either obnoxious or awesome, probably depending on how old you're feeling, but he manages to keep it comparatively endearing throughout. -Nina Mashurova

    See this and many other videos HERE

    Wavves on Tour

    7/15 - Bowery Ballroom - New York, New York
    7/18 - PITCHFORK FESTIVAL - Chicago, Illinois
    8/30 - STREET SCENE - San Diego, California

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