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    With that tried and true coupling of dreamy synths and floaty vocals, Rubies create song after quietly pretty song and make it seem effortless. Think either along the lines of School of Seven Bells, Feist, Chairlift, the Whitest Boy Alive (most of which they've collaborated or toured with) or of a school dance in the 1970s as seen through the lavender-tinted lenses of nostalgia.

    More than anything, Rubies sounds and feels like a roller disco. I've been meaning to drop by the Dreamland roller rink over at Coney Island, but now I worry that it won't be able to the candy-colored vision made tangible by Rubies. A lopsided disco ball casts dollops of fairy light on couples with gravitationally improbably hair whirling on the dance floor, pastel balloons and streams of glitter cascade from a vaulted ceiling, and as soon as you lean down to adjust your day-glo laces, "I Feel Electric" comes on and you start to sway.

    Their new album, Explode from the Center is guaranteed to supply a daily dose of carefree cuteness - like a Flintstone vitamin made of sparkles! -Nina Mashurova

    Rubies on Tour

    8/7 - Blue Lamp - Sacrmento, California
    8/9 - The Rickshaw Stop album release PARTY - San Franicsco, California
    8/18 - Mission Creek Festival - San Francisco, California
    Sept - October East Coast and Some Canada. TOUR TBA
    November West Coast TOUR TBA

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