Denali - A Dogs Tale Of Love And Devotion
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 09, 2015

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    You all know we are a music site. Relentlessly upbeat posts and our best efforts to make the bands we shoot all look like stars and get these videos out to the widest audience possible. If you are a fan of Baeble you will also know that we are a dog friendly company with Jupiter and Hudson the office dogs making endless cameos in our videos. Hudson drinking Jukebox The Ghost's beer while they are performing and Jupiter endlessly plopping his big red self down in the camera frame like it was his right. We even made a Jupter POV video for really no good reason other than it was fun.

    Our purpose is to find moments of inspiration and ones that stop and move us from our every day lives. In a moment of serendipity this morning I logged into our Vimeo account to preview a session with Greg Holden we are releasing later in the week. A "Vimeo Staff Pick" was starring me in the face before I went to our videos and in a fit of time wasting I clicked through. Seven minutes later I was sitting at my desk deeply affected by this simple and powerful tale of love and devotion. Photographer Ben Moon and his collaborators Felt Soul Media knock the emotional ball out of the park.

    Take the time to watch this simple story told by "Denali," your day will be the better for it.

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