jamie lidell @ bowery ballroom
    • MONDAY, JUNE 09, 2008

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    Photos by Lyndsey Matthews. See more photos HERE.

    We were fortunate enough to get some spots at the sold-out Jamie Lidell show at the Bowery Ballroom. Ol' Jim was in rare form at the end of his U.S. tour, jumping and moving for a solid hour and a half of play. We got some of the old and some of the new. Jamie's signature "table" was in use in the middle of the show, as the members of his band danced around the audience with tambourines.

    At the end, Jamie came back out for a powerful encore which he began wearing... a television on his head? It was capped with a record player and some sort of trippy, spinny thingy. The band had as much presence as Jamie though, wearing Elvis jumpsuits or robes and towels on their heads. Definitely a "show," and a funky one at that. Overall the show was full of energy and a ton of fun. If you missed it, we got some great pictures. Keep an eye out for the full set later this week. -joe puglisi

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