IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 08, 2018

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Friday is here. How did we get through the week you ask? We'll tell you. Check out what sounds we had in our ears.

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    Yoke Lore - "Cut and Run"
    Y'all should know by now that ever since our session with Yoke Lore, I've been hooked. Just released yesterday, "Cut and Run" is a minimalist indie-pop track that explores the struggle of fighting through pain to eventually end up where you belong. Something about Yoke Lore's music instantly gets to my inner core and leaves me feeling like I need to play his music on repeat. "Cut and Run" is paired with a perfect, dizzying visual that shows Yoke struggle through natural environments. You just have to see it for yourself.

    Troye Sivan - "Bloom"
    I mean, have you seen the visual for "Bloom"? It's pure magic. I was officially invited into Troye's garden and I never want to leave. In "Bloom", Troye blossoms into the queen we all knew he was deep down, but was too afraid to reveal in his earlier works. I also don't think it's a coincidence that he decided to strut his stuff during LGBTQ+ Pride month. The pop track is probably one of his strongest thus far, and the striking visual makes the song just that much better.



    The Get Up Kids - "Better This Way"
    Today marks the release of The Get Up Kids' first new music since 2011's There Are Rules. I'm excited for Kicker to say the least, considering I still listen to Something To Write Home About on a regular basis. "Better This Way" is a fun Friday song that puts me in a weekend mood.

    Phoenix - "Chloroform"
    I recently got married and have spent the last week editing my wedding video. I used the song "Chloroform" because it's one of our favorites and coincidently we got married on a Tuesday like the lyrics in the song. "Anyway you want the truth is / I will marry you on Tuesday" ...sappy I know.



    The Internet - "Come Over"
    This track is super vibey and bright, and the video they just dropped made me love it even more. Syd's voice puts you in your own little world and the guitar solo makes you feel things. This got me through the week.

    Rae Sremmurd - "Heartbreak in Encino Hills"
    This album came out a month ago and I still listen to this track weekly and I think it's because it chills me out and is kind of relaxing. Swae Lee's voice is cherubic and the beat reminds me of throwback André 3000.



    Novo Amor - "State Lines"
    This song recently shuffled into one of those auto-generated playlists Spotify throws at you once the album you were listening to concludes. In my case, I was listening to Bon Iver. One listen to this extremely soothing Welshman, and you'll hear why he slots in so nicely next to Justin Vernon's work.

    Joubert Singers - "Stand On The Word – Larry Levan Mix"
    You'll thank me when you hear this one. Actually, you should probably thank David Byrne, who played this on a recent SiriusXM show. Disco-Funk and Gospel? Who knew?!



    HAERTS - "Your Love"
    They played a session with us on Tuesday and ever since then I've been cranking "Your Love" on repeat, singing along in my plum colored Nissan Rogue on FDR like a funky idiot in heaven.

    Ella Vos - "00000 Million" (Cover)
    I love this Bon Iver cover, because I'm all about that bass. And those sweet sweet indecipherable Bon Iver lyrics. And Ella's voice is a perfect fit in this version.

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