SONG OF THE DAY: 'Letter to Falon' by Jay Electronica
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 08, 2017

    • Posted by: Nailah Andre

    The elusive rapper Jay Electronica has released his first solo track since 2009. Last time we heard the New Orleans artist he was rapping religious metaphors on "How Great" with Chance the Rapper meant to inspire and provoke introspective thought.

    Electronica continues with this theme on the track "Letter to Falon" named after his sister. The instrumental starts off with a melancholic piano and then gets right into some heavy hitting drums. The first four bars of the song read "I walked across the water. I came by myself. I climbed the highest mountain. And I ain't never being nailed," Jay Electronica is comparing his life to the biblical story of Jesus Christ.

    Later in the song he claims to have been born on Tatooine like Anakin Skywalker possibly drawing parallels between his being born in one of the most dangerous housing projects in the country, the Magnolia Projects, to the Star Wars character born into slavery.

    Jay Electronica remains one of the most reflective artists of our time, always examining society and the circumstances that led us to where we are. The rapper is expected to drop another song later this summer.

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