5 Times Artists Took Acts of Kindness to the Next Level
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 08, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    A year ago I was barricade for a mini festival in Norfolk, Virginia which had a lineup that featured the Strumbellas, Broods, Fitz & the Tantrums, and the 1975. Needless to say, nearly everyone was just there to see the 1975–myself included, but I was also insanely excited for Broods. After discovering their song "Bridges" on Youtube in 2014 I fell in love instantly. During their set, everyone around me was awkwardly dancing and trying to mumble the lyrics to songs they didn't know which made for both an annoying and hilarious situation; meanwhile, I was singing my heart out–probably severely off key, but at least my dancing was on beat. When Broods left the stage, Georgia Nott (lead vocalist) had insisted that someone come hand me their setlist as a thank you for supporting them. It was a simple gesture on their part, but it meant a lot to me and made my night even more unforgettable. It doesn't take a lot to make someone's day when you're famous, which is probably why there have been so many instances of celebrities going above and beyond for their fans in the simplest ways possible.

    A few weeks ago, Twitter was overcome with envy as a girl tweeted a video of herself with Lorde at the smoothie shop she works in–I mean, imagine getting up and dreading going to work just for Lorde to walk in and order a Blue Velvet. Like, what? "I suddenly love my job," would be the only thing going through my mind. But wait–it gets better. After the video was posted it began gaining more and more attention until Lorde herself saw it and DMed the girl to invite her to attend Govenors Ball with her this weekend, with a plus 1. Are. You. Kidding. This is my DREAM. Of course it wasn't difficult for Lorde to make this happen, she has a set at the festival on Friday and, well, she's her; but, to us ordinary people of the world, this is a big deal.

    Taylor Swift has done similar things for fans, including one who had supported her through Tumblr so much over the years that she brought her on a backstage tour during the 2015 Grammys. Not only did she get to spend part of the night with Taylor discussing cats and taking selfies together, but she also got to meet Sam Smith. No matter what your strife with Swift may be, you have to admit that must have been one hell of an experience. You can read the lucky fan's full post of the night with pictures and all here.

    Taylor obviously wasn't first to do this, as back in 2012, before he became somewhat of an actual mess, Justin Bieber surprised a fan at her prom by inviting both her and her sister via video to attend the Billboard Music Awards with him as a consolation for him not being able to be her prom date as she so desperately pleaded. My prom had a s'mores bar with 3 different kinds of chocolate, but I guess this is cool too.

    On another note, Halsey took a more direct approach to surprising a fan, doing so in a much less formal place–Target. A fan had been in the same superstore as the singer and did not spot her (even though her hair was the color of a blue raspberry jolly rancher and could probably be spotted from miles away) but Halsey saw that the girl was wearing one of her tour t-shirts and decided to surprise her? Scare her? One of the two. The gesture was extremely sweet, but a little risky–I don't know about you guys but I'm a bit too defensive for anyone to run up and grab me in an empty store aisle without swinging on them.

    Ending on a more inspirational note, we're throwing it back to March of 2016 when Kendrick Lamar brought a boy named Logan on stage with him during his performance of "U" at the Okeechobee Festival in Florida. The song itself is about Lamar's struggle with mental illness and suicidal thoughts which he acknowledges is shared with many of his fans, stating that he brought Logan on stage because "he was singing that shit with his motherfucking heart out." I don't think anything tops finding out that you, in any way, shape or form, inspire the person who inspires you the most. Kendrick wins.

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