Jiminy Glick Questions Drake's Street Cred and the State of His
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 08, 2016

    • Posted by: Jacob Swindell-Sakoor

    Oh Drake. Even when you have the number one song and album in the country you just can't catch a break. Of course, criticism is bound to come from far and wide when you're one of the most well-known artists and the top rapper (now with a team of ghostwriters) in the world. Although Drake has been tested again and again, never has someone publicly asked him about his street cred, or the status of what's going on down there, in the nether region.

    Last night on NBCs new show Maya & Marty, Jiminy Glick (aka Martin Short) conducted one of the funniest and awkward interviews with Drake, to date. Click began the interview by saying that he knew nothing about Drake and normally I interview celebrities. With the stink of a short roast already in the air, more insulting questions and comments were surely expected, but nobody saw the next batch of questions coming.

    Glick delivered his best zinger when he asked Drake "Do you miss the hood? And when I say hood I mean your foreskin." Drake handled the question as best as he could with a smile and a short answer. Immediately after the circumcision question Glick asked Drake "So you're Canadian. A former child star. So literally were talking about zero street cred?" After Glick's remark Drake attempted to explain, but was cut off by Glick, making the realness of the below the belt questions (pun intended) sting a little bit more.

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    I know it's easy to hate on Drake so I'll make this short. Here at Baeble we (myself included I promise), love Drake. Since he hit the scene in '09 he's consistently delivered good albums that balance great pop hits with great hip-hop and R&B songs - the man knows how to make a song special. With that said, it doesn't negate the fact that the self-proclaimed 6 god has said, "I find peace knowing that it's harder in the streets. Luckily I didn't have to grow there..." and y'all know the rest. All I'm saying is that while Drake is a great artist he's just not a rapper from the hood and at this point in his career, he should just give up the gimmick. When you grew up middle-class and now have an estimated Forbes net worth of $60 million, we know that you didn't grow up having to commit violent acts for survival. You don't have to be the tough guy fam. I know it helps diversify the fan base, but Glick raised a valid point - does a Jewish Canadian former childhood tv star really have street cred? Do you even need street cred when you have a laundry list of accomplishments? Does it even matter? That's up to you to decide. Now I'm gonna get back to listening to "One Dance" and sipping this Lemonade.

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