Five Things We Need Childish Gambino To Rap About
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 08, 2012

    • Posted by: Kara Parker

    After listening to Donald Glover's rap alter-ego, Childish Gambino, it's easy to see how he got his start as a writer. And not just any writer, mind you, but an Emmy award winner for his work on 30 Rock. See, Gambino leaves no stone unturned when he scratches down his lyrics, touching everything from pop-culture, girls, his critics and everything in between. We dig the smart rhymes on his album Camp that, at times, come off surprisingly poetic. But he hasn't tackled everything as much as we would like. Check out our list of five subjects we'd wish Gambino would spend a little more time on.

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
    While both subjects have found themselves in Gambino's lyrical crosshairs before, their recently formed relationship has managed to slip under his radar. Let's face it, whether we like it or not (probably not), the high profile duo is not leaving the media headlines anytime soon. So please Gambino, speak up for the masses. Tear them and the media a new one, and say everything that needs to be said so we no longer have to put up with this sorry excuse for 'relevant' news anymore.

    A lot of hip hop artists exclusively focus on themselves. While Gambino touches a variety of topics, he isn't thatdifferent from his more egocentric competition. Whether it be a rhyme about his elaborate lifestyle, his triple-threat status, or, Gambino frequently gets all autobiographical on his raps. On recent tracks like "Outside" and "That Power" he's even given fans a more intimate look in to his past and upbringing. It's made for some fantastic music and some surprisinly vulnerable lyrics. Frankly, we want more of it!

    Nerd Stuff
    On his new unreleased track, "Eat Your Vegetables," Gambino and producer Chemist sample a little something something from the soundtrack to Donkey Kong Country. Awesome. As a self-proclaimed black nerd, Gambino is distinct in his references to 'nerd' stuff...a fact that's most likely appreciated by his fellow nerd fans. 'Lifestyle raps of The Rich and Famous', while always interesting, always feel a little out of reach. More please...

    It's no secret that Donald Glover doesn't plan or want to have kids anytime soon. What's unusual is the fact that he actually grew up in a house full of foster kids and spent many years earning dough babysitting. As a stand-up comedian, Donald Glover holds nothing back during a bit where he refers to kids as "tiny little Hitlers." So, I'm confused. Where did all this negativity come from? Did something change his view or did he just always dislike them, even as a kid himself? If that's the case why did he babysit all those years? We need answers Gambino. Preferably set to a killer beat.

    Dan Harmon leaving Community
    It's been a rough year for Community. Between the show's uncertain future and the feud between Chevy Chase and the show's creator, Dan Harmon, fans (ummm, and I imagine the cast!) have been put to the test all season long. Now it seems NBC will not be offering Dan Harmon a new contract for the show's fourth season. We can only imagine Troy Barnes, the lovable ex-football star Glover plays on the show, has a pretty good idea of what's going on behind closed doors. Come on Gambino. The fans want to know what's up with the show. Fill us in!

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