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    The born in London, Liverpool based and of Irish origin Eugene McGuinness carries on an indie rock tradition that of the literate singer-songwriter with a recognizable voice, pieces of the raw expression of Neutral Milk Hotel or The Mountain Goats, with a touch of the fantastic story telling of The Decemberists in surprisingly varied pop songs. Far from a clone of his predecessors, however, McGuinness sings with a sense of urgency in between smart lyrics and unfeigned pop melodies, at times a startling contrast against his innately lo-fi sensibility. The ease of his charming lyrics coupled with the lush layered instruments or the simplicity of a guitar and piano on the brink of easy pop songs and complexity creates honest tracks that deserve repeated listening.

    McGuinness's self-titled tackles musical styles and subjects that shares his distinctive voice but range from the stripped punches of raw acoustics against the beautiful bridges of Rings Around Rosa or the nostalgia induced, easy rhythm of Wendy Wonders with a character burdened with so much angst that conveys a story of romance and broken hearts and hopes, an easily lovable tale gone wrong. While songs like Those Old Black and White Movies Were True is a perfect, sweet enough to break hearts love ballad wrapped in swirls of pretty melody fitting for such a song and girl. Each track stands on its own as a story and despite the unexpected diversity in his tales, it's easy to fall in love with Eugene McGuinness's aesthetic, this slightly off, smirk attached honesty, his simple mastery of lyrics and stories spun within a song, and the music itself, suggesting familiar influences but with his own spin for a combination impossible to dismiss.

    It's a marvel his self titled full length, released in October of last year only created the love it deserved from critics but seemingly less of a reaction from fans. After touring with the likes of Paul McCarthy and Goldfrapp, Eugene McGuinness is playing the few rare shows in Europe this summer and we'd hope, gearing up for a tour across the seas to bring his lovable songs to life. - Laura Yan

    Eugene McGuinness on Tour
    Jun 18 - Circolo degli Artisti - Rome
    Jun 19 - Piazza della Repubblica - Ancona

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