X Ambassadors Release Refreshing New Track 'The Devil You Know'
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Larisha Paul

    Ithaca, NY native alternative rock band X Ambassadors made their debut back in 2013 with their EP Love Songs Drug Songs, but they really made a name for themselves when the lead single from their first full length album VHS, "Renegades," rapidly began gaining popularity in 2015. Today, the song has over 237 million plays on Spotify. A year after the release of VHS, the band released VHS 2.0, a deluxe version of the original album with 5 additional songs. Since then, they have been touring and keeping a fairly low profile–that is, until March of this year when they released "Hoping," shortly followed by "Torches," and today, brand new rock track "The Devil You Know."

    The track sets up a finger snapping vibe in the very beginning before driving into a light chorus with a heavy instrumental breakdown, but returns in the remarkably banging bridge. Lead vocalist Sam Harris' deep tone adds depth to the record as he sings, "With the devil you know you're never alone." We've been getting a lot of pop tracks from artists lately, so it's nice to have a rock track like this to spin for a while. As of now, there has been no mention of a new album, and we don't want to rush anyone, but...you know... if they were to *cough* release one soon *cough* we wouldn't mind much at all. We just miss them, that's all. Check out the new track along with our concert with them from a while back.

    Now Check Out Our Concert With Them:

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