M.I.A Releases 'Goals' for Her Faithful Fans
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 07, 2017

    • Posted by: Caroline Bojarski

    M.I.A. has dedicated her newly released song, "Goals" to her most loyal fans, and you can feel the love between the British superstar and her followers in the track's video.

    Dozens of photos, shot by artist Jaime Martinez capture crowds at M.I.A's live performances in the middle of doing all the crazy things that it's (thankfully) ok to do at concerts. There is a girl in the front row hugging M.I.A.'s ankles, a crowd surfing fan raising his arms in exhilaration, and a sweaty dude chugging from an unidentifiable bottle of liquor at the urging of his friends. Interspersed with the chaotic crowd pics are shots of M.I.A. rocking every style from over-sized T's to wildly printed leggings and colorful wigs. The photos are reanimated as gifs which flicker in time to the music to capture the motion and energy of M.I.A. and her fans.

    The "Goals" video will be exhibited as an art installation during the ten day Meltdown festival in London which begins this Friday. M.I.A. herself is curating the festival and will perform for its finale. M.I.A.'s latest video leaves no question about whether her fans are excited to see her, and, listening to the British sensation sing, "Relationship goals are you and me/ Fighting H.A.T.E. with L.O.V.E." leaves no doubt that she is just as excited to perform for them.

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